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Download the Ice Getaway Setup and Takedown Instructions


• Bright colored attractive design makes a great statement and is highly visible on the ice.
• Room for 6 adults with over 6 feet of clearance.
• Durable fabric keeps out wind and repels moisture.
• Black interior coating for added warmth and maximum darkness.
• Fast set up. (sets up in less than 1 minute)
• Vented on two sides with additional interior flaps for increased ventilation.
• Long bottom skirting to help seal out the elements.
• 2-way zippered front and back doors for easy access.
• Outside license and address holder pockets


FishInn Dimensions Diagram Bag Dimensions:
Length: 54"
Width: 9"
Depth: 9”

Fish Inn Dimensions:
Length: 144”
Width: 72"
Height: 82”

Fishable Area:
144” x 72”

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On the Ice
Carrying Case
Table Bottom

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