Low Profile Specs

Equinox Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing tanks since 1972 and is strategically located to service all of our North American customers. Equinox Industries was initially a fiberglass manufacturing facility. We now have three distinct manufacturing processes within our facility, Rotational Moulding, Fiberglass Fabrication, and Vacuum Forming.

Currently we have 60,000 square feet of production space and nearly 5 acres of yard storage to house our operations. Our Rotational Moulding division manufactures Agricultural products, Wastewater tanks, Waste containment products, and other consumer products. We incorporate the latest technologies in Fiberglass Composites. This includes Resin Injection Molding, Bag Molding, Filament Winding, Chopper Gun, and Hand Lay Up.

Rotational Moulding
Our Rotational Moulding division is celebrating 28 years of continued growth and experience. Our tanks range in sizes from 10 Imp. gallons to 5,000 Imp. gallons.

Our polyethylene tanks are manufactured with premium 100% virgin polyethylene, which is approved for the storage of potable water. Our Wastewater tanks are all CSA approved.

The polyethylene incorporates U.V. stabilizers, for maximum protection from sunlight. The tanks are resistant to corrosion, and have an exceptional strength to weight ratio. All our polyethylene tanks are approved for potable water storage.

Fiberglass Division
Equinox offers every style of tank to suit your different applications for above and below ground applications. Fiberglass tanks range in size from 150 Imp. gallons to 15,000 Imp. gallons, and can be manufactured as 1 piece or sectional to reduce freight costs.
All of the burial tanks are available in shallow and deep burial models, depending on your requirements.

Guardian Tanks
All septic tanks are CSA approved. Guardian tanks’ corrosion-proof unibody construction provides the watertight solution to your underground liquid handling and storage requirements. Guardian tanks require no site assembly.

Sectional Tanks
Sectional tanks require field assembly. The advantage is they nest together for optimum shipping.

The Enviro-Septic System is by far the simplest wastewater treatment system on the market. There are currently more than 100,000 systems installed in North America today. This system is now being installed in countries around the world.

The EnviroSeptic system produces Tertiary quality effluent and yet, does not require any mechanical or electrical parts therefore does not have any moving parts, does not require any expensive washed stone, it is very simple to install, requires less area and is environmentally friendly therefore protecting our ground water.

  • No moving parts
  • No electricity
  • No special filters
  • Simple and effective
  • Perfected and certified
  • Discreet and aesthetic
  • Flexible designs that allow for odd shaped installations

Shallow Burial Tanks
Shallow burial tanks are designed to be buried with the top of the tank not more than 2 feet below the ground level.

Deep Burial Tanks
Deep burial tanks are designed for burial with the top of the tank below the frost line, but not more than 7 feet below the ground level.

Extra Deep Burial Tanks
Tanks can be designed to suit burial depths of up to 10 feet, or any other custom applications. Call the factory for pricing. For burial tanks exceeding 7’ of depth, please contact the factory for pricing.